HP and Dell have placed orders for 3D notebooks from Wistron

Looks like we’ll be reporting on 3D notebooks a lot more in the near future, seeing that reports indicate that HP and Dell have placed orders for 3D notebooks from Wistron. This news comes after earlier reports that Acer has also placed orders for 3D notebooks from the same company. Seeing that Taiwanese company Wistron holds a bunch of patents for 3D notebooks, along with a few proprietary 3D techniques, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to see such developments. Aside from said companies, whispers can be heard that Lenovo and Sony are also negotiating with Wistron. Will our next wave of laptops all be 3D laptops? If they perform as well as we hope they do, we certainly wouldn’t mind, not one bit.

Wistron announces revenues for May

First-tier notebook maker Wistron has announced revenues of NT$28.59 billion (US$942.07 million) for May this year, an increase of 58.95% on year, while the company’s accumulated revenues for the first five months of 2008 have reached NT$141 billion, an on-year increase of 65.51%.
Wistron’s annual notebook shipment goal remains at 18-20 million units for  2008. Major partners stil include Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell and Acer.

Due to increasing shipments to Dell in the second quarter, market watchers expect Wistron will see a sequential growth of around 5-8% in shipments for the quarter. Additionally, as PC vendors have agreed to an increase in ODM quotes to compensate for rising upstream raw material costs, component supplies should start to flow more freely resulting in a large sequential increase in Wistron’s third quarter notebook shipments.