Clearance Sale on Windows Servers in Q1?

The May 27, 2008 IDC report on first-quarter 2008 worldwide server shipments make it look like a clearance sales was in progress on Windows-2003-based servers. Perhaps in anticipation of GA of Windows Server 2008 (happened halfway through the first quarter) or perhaps because of its GA, factory server shipments of Windows servers reached their second highest quarterly total according to IDC.

Only the third calendar quarter of 2007 showed higher results. (NOTE: I have tracked these numbers only for nine quarters but do not believe Windows had higher results prior to 2006).

UNIX/Linux-based server revenue slipped both in absolute terms and as a percent of the market (see illustration above). The combination of UNIX-heritage servers have been losing ground slowly to Windows-based hardware as have systems based on other operating software, such as IBM’s (IBM) zSeries and other legacy products.