Sun Microsystems Adds High-Performance Storage Array to Industry-Leading Disk Portfolio

Sun Microsystems Adds High-Performance Storage Array to Industry-Leading Disk Portfolio: New Sun Storage 6180 Array Leverages 30 Years of Modular Storage Innovation to Bring Unparalleled Scalability and Lower Operational Costs to Customers

Sun Microsystems Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA)  announced the expansion of its industry-leading disk storage portfolio to include the new Sun Storage 6180 Array built upon multiple generations of Sun modular storage technology. This latest addition to Sun’s storage portfolio has demonstrated best-in-class price/performance: the Sun Storage 6180 delivers 50% more performance than Sun’s previous generation, and over 70% better price/performance than the IBM DS5020(1).

The Sun Storage 6180 array provides the power to achieve better performance with fewer drives – lowering acquisition, support and operational costs. This top-performing array protects customers’ storage investments and seamlessly scales across the Sun Storage 6000 family up to the flagship Sun Storage 6780 array. The Sun Storage 6180 array uses proven architecture that ensures data integrity and availability-giving customers across a wide set of industry verticals the ability to deploy with confidence.

“With 30 years of modular storage as its foundation, Sun has built a rich history of delivering high-performance archive solutions to customers,” said Jason Schaffer, senior director, Storage, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “The new Sun Storage 6180 array leverages this storage innovation and seamlessly integrates across the Sun Storage 6000 family, again topping competitors with a rock-solid storage platform.”

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