Discover the 3rd Dimension through the new Acer 3D CineReal Technology

Discover the 3rd Dimension through the new Acer 3D CineReal Technology!

Welcome to a new world! Welcome to a world where computer displays have 3 dimensions, just like the world we live in. Enter the world of 3D vision: a revolution in viewing entertainment. Get ready for incredible theatre-like 3D reality, anytime, anywhere thanks to the new Acer 3D CineReal Technology.

The idea of combining movement and depth is deeply rooted in society. In fact, the first 3D films dates back to 1922, but battled alternating periods of success and failure, mostly because the technological solutions proposed failed to give satisfactory results.

Recent decades have seen a technological boom, resulting in new inventions, new technologies, and special effects that have finally succeeded in rendering cinematographic viewing truly spectacular. 3D cinema has met with new developments that make it an attraction not only for young children, but also for teens and adults seeking new and unexpected thrills: animated, adventure, and action films almost literally come to life when seen in 3D!

Today this type of projection, once only available on the big screen, has finally come home: the evolution of the PC from a working tool to a daily household appliance has spurred technology to develop solutions that make home computers ideal for multimedia entertainment.

Today Acer is the first PC vendor to present software that makes it possible to create a 3D viewing experience on your PC: Acer 3D CineReal technology.

How was this extraordinary result achieved? The display has been coated with a special 3D film that clings to the panel pixel by pixel, enabling the LCD technology to deliver a 3D visual feast. Slip on the cool polarized eyeglasses that filter the images and you’re ready to dive into an extraordinary 3D adventure.

What’s more, thanks to the TriDef 3D Experience software, you can enjoy stunning 3D multimedia with no need for a special graphics card. A simple and intuitive interface gives you access to the world of 3D multimedia: videos, DVDs, photos and games. The software includes a set of tools designed to offer a completely seamless 3D viewing experience:

  • TriDef Media Player plays back your favourite videos and pictures in 3D
  • TriDef Ignition is a tool that enables 2D to 3D conversion for games and applications supporting DirectX 9 and above.

 TriDef Media Player also supports on-the-go conversion of 2D videos and photos. Relive the emotions of your last holiday or of your best friend’s birthday watching your videos and pictures in 3D: all you have to do is play them with TriDef Media Player, and you will be transported right into the middle of the action as if it were the first time. 
2D to 3D conversion supports a wide range of formats. So slip on the polarizer eyeglasses and have fun with stunning 3D effects