Acer records a 34.2% growth year on year

Acer records a 34.2% growth year on year (2Q09 vs. 2Q08)

According to the preliminary worldwide market data released by analyst firm Gartner, Inc. Acer ranks third in the total PC market and registers a growth of 34.2% YOY based on worldwide PC unit shipment during 2Q09. Preliminary Gartner, Inc. market data also outline almost a tie for the second spot, with Acer recording a 13.5% market share and a 0.1% point market share difference to the second place’s 13.6% share.

“In my opinion, Acer’s first-quarter results reflect the resiliency of our multi-brand strategy in a very challenging global economy. We well executed it and we were able to introduce in the market outstanding products responding to precise customers’ needs. We will continue investments to further enhance product offerings and expand our customers’ satisfaction” commented Gianfranco Lanci, Acer Inc. CEO and President.

Gartner, Inc. preliminary data relating to the second quarter of 2009 outline a contraction of the worldwide computer market, with a drop of 4.8% compared to the second quarter of 2008. Within this scenario, Acer recorded a 13.5% market share based on total PC shipments, showing a 34.2% increase (2Q09 vs. 2Q08).

Preliminary quarterly market data released by Gartner, Inc., illustrate that Acer ranks second in the EMEA total PC market based on shipments, with a 20.6% market share and a 21.6% growth rate (2Q09 vs. 2Q08). Acer believes that this result is noteworthy, especially considering that in the same timeframe the total PC market in EMEA recorded a performance of -10.9%.

Comparing Acer’s results in the EMEA and the US, Acer recorded its best performance of the second quarter of 2009 in the US market, with a 74.2% (2Q09 vs. 2Q08) growth and considering the total PC shipment, Acer ranks 3rd with a 14.2% market share (2Q09).