Motorola Introduces Latest Addition APX O9 Integrated Control Head For The APX Mobile Radio Line

Motorola has announced the launch of the APX O9 Integrated Control Head for the APX mobile radio line. The one-touch functionality and intuitive controls in one integrated unit provide instant multi-agency interoperability for mission critical first responders.

The O9 Control Head is the latest addition to Motorola’s APX multi-band family of radios. The industry’s first Project 25 (P25) multi-band (700/800 MHz and VHF) family of radios, APX communicates with current and future P25 networks (FDMA and TDMA) and has integrated GPS for situational awareness.

The O9 Control Head features programmable controls, combining several communication and warning functions into a simplified single-button press for safe and more efficient operation. Under stressful situations, the enlarged one-touch buttons make it easy to select and change modes, channels and zones. Buttons can also be used to sequentially operate lights, sirens/PA systems, status messages and GPS coordinates.

The integrated design of the control head reduces the amount of equipment required in a vehicle, providing officers with more cabin space and easier access to all controls. The large, full-color display of the O9 Control Head is easy to read and optimizes the intelligent lighting feature of the APX 7500 mobile radio by illuminating the appropriate keypad buttons and display screen in different colors to highlight specific events. The screen also adjusts to optimize different viewing conditions such as the night time.

“Just as the APX 7500 mobile radio does the work of two radios and reduces the amount of equipment in a vehicle, the APX O9 Control Head also eliminates the need for other vehicle warning and communication system controls,” said Bob Schassler, Motorola senior vice president, Enterprise Mobility Solutions. “Simplified operations mean officers can stay focused on the mission. The APX mobile radio provides true interoperability and exceptional audio quality in one device to aid the multi-agency communication that is essential for mission critical operations.”

Motorola will be offering a complete control head portfolio with three options available for the APX 7500 mobile radio. The O3 Handheld Control Head, the O5 Standard Control Head and the O9 Integrated Control Head will give users the flexibility to choose the control head that best meets their organizational needs.

APX meets public safety specifications for mission critical communications by improving officer coordination, response time and safety via access to real-time information for enhanced decision making. The backwards and forwards compatible radio works on all P25 radio systems like ASTRO 25 plus SMARTNET and SmartZone analog systems and will continue to work as networks migrate to new P25 Phase 2 technology (TDMA).

Since its introduction in August 2008, APX has been recognized by the design community with a number of award recognitions, including the iF Product Design Award and the Australian International Design Award. In addition, the team was named “Design Team of the Year” in the EE Times’ Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards and won the “Silver Award” in BusinessWeek’s 2009 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), organized by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA).