Epson Develops New S1D13781 Controller for Effortless Display

Seiko Epson has announced the development of an embedded system display controller that effortlessly handles advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) visual effects. The new S1D13781 controller supports both color and monochrome STN and TFT panels. Samples are currently available and priced at ¥990.

Mobile device GUIs with advanced visual effects are quickly becoming commonplace. Realizing these GUIs has required the handling of a host of features and complex display functions. In developing the new S1D13781 controller, Epson identified and focused on the display features required for a GUI with advanced visual effects. Application notes and sample programs are also available to maximize ease of use. The S1D13781 supports alpha blending, a popular visual effect rendering technique, with a built-in feature that automatically updates alpha values on the basis of a customizable number and duration of transparency gradations. Exploiting this feature makes it easy for customers to develop even more impressive GUIs for their embedded systems.

Main features

1. Attractive graphics

  • Enables display effects using alpha blending
  • Automatic updating of alpha values enables fade effects
  • Facilitates appealing illusory effects using blinking, inversion, etc.
  • Supports Picture-in-Picture display
  • Displays 24 bpp (RGB 8:8:8) full-color
  • Supports Wide QVGA LCD panels

2. Built-in usability

  • Consolidated functions to reduce number of configuration registers
  • Memory / register / lookup table assigned to the same memory space
  • Configuration settings for various LCD panels included in the application notes
  • Sample programs for the implementation of every display function included
  • Includes peripheral circuit diagram examples for board design