Motorola Launches Full-Touch MOTOPRIZM Phone


Motorola has launched its full-touch MOTOPRIZM phone in Korea as it wraps up the year, and stakes its claim in the nation’s touch phone market. MOTOPRIZM is the only folder form factor full-touch phone in Korea featuring two layers of touch screens – one partial touch screen on the clear layer outside and the full-touch screen under. The CDMA full-touch MOTOPRIZM will provide more choices for consumers in the Korean touch phone market dominated by 3G models.

“From touch technology to design, MOTOPRIZM is the result of Korean and American team cooperation, integrating Motorola’s latest technology and innovation,” said Rick Wolochatiuk, General Manager of Motorola Korea Mobile Devices Business. “We are excited to provide Motorola users with a full-touch experience that is nothing like they have experienced before.”

Innovative Touch-Enabled Clear Layer

Motorola’s MOTOPRIZM is a new breed of touch phone with two layers of touch screens. Developed by Korean and American teams, Motorola’s advanced technology enabled the outside transparent layer to incorporate touch screen functionality.

MOTOPRIZM combines the excitement and convenience of intuitive touch screen interface with the familiarity and comfort of a folder design. The marriage of touch screen function with a folder design enables MOTOPRIZM to provide its users with many benefits:

  • Quick Access: The clear layer provides customers with one-touch access to popular features and services – including viewing call logs, placing phone calls1, viewing text messages1, browsing photos, watching videos1, reading e-books1, writing memos, checking scheduler, getting world time1, playing music through instant access1 to the online music site Melon2, setting the alarm clock and using Bluetooth.
  • Easy to Talk: The external clear layer extends the length of the phone when it is flipped open, making it easier for the user to talk on the phone as the speaker and microphone are placed near your ear and mouth.
  • Touch Screen Protection: The touch screen-enabled external clear layer protects the full-touch screen inside from scratches and damage.

MOTOPRIZM supports various features that bring its users to the next level of multimedia experience – such as satellite DMB1 where you can watch up to 10 channels for free, a 3 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity, VOD1, MOD1 and many more.