Motorola launches the latest models in its range of stylish, digital cordless home-phones – the D10 and D11

Motorola has launched the latest models in its range of stylish, digital cordless home-phones – the D10 and D11. Offering intuitive design in a sleek sculptural form, the phones are both easy and comfortable to use. Created by the award winning design team at Motorola, this new range of phones is a perfect match of design and ground-breaking functionality.

motorolad10 and d11 jadi

Developed with the environment in mind, the D10 and D11 handsets automatically adjust to optimize output depending on how far they are from the base unit. Users are able to activate the intelligent ‘eco mode’ which uses less battery power and increases talk-time. In addition, materials used in the phones comprise at least 20% recycled material helping to reduce carbon footprint in the home.

Design is also at the heart of the new phones. The subtle contrast of textures and materials creates a visually integrated look that is an ideal fit in any contemporary home. The D10 and D11 are ultra-slim handsets with large ‘easy-to-read’ backlit displays. Both models offer polyphonic ringtones, handsfree speakerphone and 100-entry phonebooks. The D11 also offers SMS messaging, 3-way conference calling and a subtle laser-etched backlit keypad. The phones are available with a digital answering machine featuring both visual and audible message alerts as well as remote access to messages.

Additional features of the D10 and D11 series
The D10 features a large amber-backlit “easy-read” display, whilst the D11 offers consumers an illuminated 4cm full-colour screen for added style and ease of navigation. Both phones feature a unique “glow-ring” which pulsates to indicate missed calls, messages and other events.

Phones in both series are available as standard or TAM (telephone answering machine) versions. The standard phones provide the core telephone features that discerning consumers will require and some additional new features that users will really appreciate, such as a room monitor which can be used to listen in on a baby, small child or a person in care. The TAM phones offer all these features plus advanced answer phone functionality, including pre-recorded announcements, remote access to messages and the ability to screen calls before choosing to answer.

The new D10 and D11 range of phones are available from November 2008