Toshiba Corporation announced the launch of a new line-up of 43nm single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory products

Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of a new line-up of 43nm single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory products available in densities ranging from 512Mbits to 64 gigabits (Gb) and in a total of 16 versions. The new range includes three products, 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb, which integrate monolithic 16Gb chips fabricated with 43nm generation process technology, the highest density chips available. The new devices will start to come to market in the first quarter of 2009.

SLC chips can read and write large amounts of data at high speed, support a very large number of read and write times, and offer high-level reliability. Toshiba developed the new SLC devices to meet diversifying applications, and its enhanced line-up offers support for mobile phones, flat panel TVs, OA equipment, and servers, all of which require high levels of read and write speeds and reliability.

In recent years, Toshiba Corporation has promoted expansion of the NAND flash memory market by accelerating development of high density multi-level-cell (MLC) chips to be used for high capacity data storage in such markets as memory cards and MP3 players. Production of SLC chips has been limited, and with 56nm and 70nm process technologies. In bringing a wider range of SLC flash memories which suit to store data at an advanced level into its line-up, Toshiba aims to expand its line-up of high-value added products for diverse embedded applications, and will promote mass production through the application of advanced process technology.

Specification of new products

Product Number Density Package Page Size Mass Production
TH58NVG6S2EBA20 64Gb BGA Large
2009, 1Q
TH58NVG5S2EBA20 32Gb BGA 2009, 1Q
TC58NVG4S2EBA00 16Gb BGA 2009, 1Q
TC58NVG3S2ETA00 8Gb TSOP I 2009, 2Q
TC58NVG2S3ETA00 4Gb TSOP I 2009, 2Q
TC58NVG1S3ETA00 2Gb TSOP I 2009, 1Q
TC58NVG0S3ETA00 1Gb TSOP I Large
2009, 2Q
TC58DVG02A5TA00 TSOP I Small
2009, 3Q
TC58NVM9S3ETA00 512Mb TSOP I Large
2009, 2Q
TC58DVM92A5TA00 TSOP I Small
2009, 3Q

Features of the new products

  1. By applying leading edge 43nm process technology and advanced technology to increase data savings, the new products density doubled compared to the 56nm SLC products. This enables the new memories to be applied to products that require higher performance and reliability.
  2. The writing speed is 2.5 times* faster than the MLC NAND flash memory.

    * Comparison between 16Gb MLC and SLC products.
    Note: 8bit=1byte

<16Gb product>

Product Number TC58NVG4S2EBA00
Density 16Gb
Power 3.3V
Program time 400 microseconds/ page (Typ.)
Delete time 4 milliseconds/ block (Typ.)
Access time 40 microseconds(1st)
25 nanoseconds(Serial)
Size 14mm x 18mm