Pioneer Introduces Flagship Blu-Ray Disc Player with Reference Class Picture and Sound Performance

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today introduces its Elite® BDP-09FD flagship Blu-ray Disc™ player featuring BD-Live™. With the industry’s most advanced internal components including a Pioneer®/Renesas® jointly developed core processor chipset and complex internal and external composition, the new flagship model illuminates Pioneer’s uncompromised design and engineering philosophies to deliver the truest picture and sound performance.

“For more than 30 years, we’ve led optical disc innovation with product introductions that featured numerous industry firsts, ranging from the highest grade internal components to improved build constructions, all in the pursuit of developing first class products for consumers. It’s with this mindset that our engineers were given the freedom to hand select every piece of hardware and wiring for the BDP-09FD to develop a true, reference-quality player,” said Chris Walker, senior manager of marketing and product planning for Blu-ray Disc at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “The result is a flagship BD player that provides unparalleled picture and sound performance not just for Blu-ray Discs, but also for CD and DVD content.”

Video Standards Raise the Bar
Breaking away from the industry, Pioneer’s flagship Blu-ray Disc player incorporates a newly-engineered 16-bit video engine to provide best-in-class video decoding, I/P conversion, video scaling and video adjustments of HD and SD content for uncompromised viewing of both Blu-ray Disc and DVD collections. Working in concert, this unique video engine includes a newly developed 16-bit Pioneer video processor, the Marvell® award-winning QDEO™ processor along with a jointly developed video decoder by Renesas Technology. Also, for the first time from Pioneer, DVDs can be enjoyed in 1080p 24 when connected to compatible displays providing a more cinematic experience of traditional film based DVDs. The inclusion of these sophisticated technologies creates a smooth picture free of the artificial noise that often plagues lower-quality players.

The Elite Blu-ray Disc player also features Pioneer’s proprietary Adaptive Bit Length Expansion technology, which allows the purest color representation of a movie’s original studio master. Through a dedicated chip, the player restores Blu-ray Disc movies, produced in 8-bit color back to the vivid 16-bit deep color gamut resulting in an HD picture filled with hues and tones that replicates the cinematic intentions of the films’ creators.

Quality Audio Roots
Pioneer’s BDP-09FD uses professional-level audio technologies to improve sound quality for both Blu-ray Disc and CD content. The BDP-09FD supports full decoding and bit-stream output for emerging high-resolution audio formats including Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio to deliver rich audio that completely immerses the listening audience.

Audiophiles will delight in the sophisticated internal engineering featured in the new player, including a devoted power supply for the analog audio board, eight Wolfson® WM8740 Audio DACs, one for each audio channel, and custom-made capacitors. Unlike any player preceding it, the new BDP-09FD further enhances superior performance capabilities not possible with today’s current Blu-ray Disc players.

The player also features Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS) with which the player instinctively synchronizes audio data between the Blu-ray Disc player and select Pioneer Elite A/V receivers offering jitter-free audio playback from CD content to provide listeners with the ultimate precision in product performance.

BD-Live Compatibility
The BDP-09FD is outfitted with BD-Live interactivity that goes beyond the advanced audio and video playback capabilities offered with BONUSVIEW™ players to give consumers an array of interactive options when viewing BD-Live compatible titles. With an Internet connection, viewers can download bonus trailers and features, synchronize viewing with other BD-Live players and participate in online gaming, live chat and video messaging. Additionally, when updates become available, users will be able to upgrade their player via the BD-Live connection.

Built for Discerning Entertainment Connoisseurs
Exceeding the capabilities of current players in the market, the BDP-09FD raises the bar with a completely redesigned internal construction for ultimate efficiency and performance quality. The BDP-09FD is outfitted with:

  • Center loading disc tray, solid steel bottom plate, aluminum chassis, and rugged TAOC insulators which help dampen external vibrations and lend to uncompromised picture quality
  • Dual HDMI™ 1.3a outputs allow for a variety of connection options that can be configured for specific audio or video entertainment needs
  • Gold plated connectors provide maximum signal flow for stellar audio and video quality
  • RS-232C port allows for control from third-party automation systems or custom installers

Product Synergy
For the complete home theater package, Pioneer has purposefully created a synergy between its line of Blu-ray Disc players, A/V receivers and KURO plasmas. The newly named project, KURO Link System, syncs the Blu-ray Disc player with the connected KURO plasma to allow for unified remote operation between products.

Pioneer’s BPP-09FD joins Pioneer’s BONUSVIEW Blu-ray Disc players, the Elite BDP-05FD and Pioneer BDP-51FD. The Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD flagship Blu-ray Disc player will begin shipping in 2008 for a suggested price of $2,199.