NEC LCD Technologies announces five new amorphous-silicon thin-film-transistor LCD modules Featuring Long-Life, Low-Power White LED for Industrial Display Applications

NEC LCD Technologies announces five new amorphous-silicon thin-film-transistor LCD modules Featuring Long-Life, Low-Power White LED for Industrial Display Applications

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NEC LCD Technologies, together with its sales and marketing channels in the Americas and Europe, NEC Electronics America, Inc. and NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH, today announced five new amorphous-silicon thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) modules incorporating a newly designed LED unit that achieves both long operating life of 70,000 hours and low power consumption in the backlight system. These new products enhance NEC LCD Technologies’ core product lineup of TFT LCD modules featuring white LED backlight systems.

Product Number Size Resolution
NL8060BC31-47D 12.1-inch (31 cm diagonal) SVGA (800 × 600 pixels)
NL6448BC33-71D 10.4-inch (26 cm diagonal) VGA (640 × 480 pixels)
NL8048BC24-06 9.0-inch (23 cm diagonal) WVGA (800 × 480 pixels)
NL6448BC26-26 8.4-inch (21cm diagonal) VGA (640 × 480 pixels)
NL8048BC19-08 7.0-inch (18cm diagonal) WVGA (800 × 480 pixels)

The main characteristics of the new modules are as follows.

  1. Long-Life and Low-Power White LED Unit
    The newly designed white LED unit, optimized by NEC LCD Technologies’ proprietary optical and structural technology, outperforms conventional cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) with an operating life of 70,000 hours at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius). It reaches an operating life of 60,000 hours at a high temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, and boasts high reliability that is ideal for display devices in industrial equipment exposed to severe environmental conditions.

In addition, all new modules reduce power consumption by more than 20 percent compared to conventional CCFL backlight systems.

  • Compatibility
    Each of the new modules is compatible with NEC LCD Technologies’ conventional standard products of the same size in relation to outer dimensions, position of mounting holes, and screen center. Each also maintains signal compatibility with conventional products. Thus, the modules can be replaced easily without the need to change any of their peripheral appliances.
  • Wide operating temperature range
    A wide operating temperature range, from –20 to +70 degrees Celsius, guarantees operation even in extreme conditions. Moreover, the luminance of the white LED backlight performs exceptionally well under low temperatures, even from initial startup.
  • Recently, the demand for LCD modules equipped with white LED backlight systems has risen rapidly in various industrial applications due to the systems’ lower power consumption, thinner/lighter backlight housings and higher resistance to shock and vibration compared to CCFL backlight systems. Furthermore, white LEDs do not require an inverter circuit, which generates high-frequency noise and harmonic current that can cause peripheral equipment malfunctions and hinder precise testing results.

    NEC LCD Technologies has enhanced its LCD module lineup with white LED backlight in response to the high demand for portable terminals and portable measurement equipment with compact LCD modules that require low power consumption and have high resistance to shock and vibration. The industrial display market continues to demand a broad range of white LED based LCD modules.

    “The addition of these five LCD modules featuring white LED backlight will enhance our core product lineup and meet the diverse market demands of industrial display applications,” said Hidetoshi Usui, Product Planning Department Manager at NEC LCD Technologies. “The strength of our white LED-based product lineup for industrial use is now represented by 11 models, ranging in seven different sizes from 5.7 to 12.1 inches, with four different resolutions from VGA to XGA.”

    NEC LCD Technologies will continue to enhance its lineup of LCD modules featuring white LED-based backlight systems to address the needs of a variety of industrial applications. The company also aims to broaden the range of environments where LCD modules can be used through continued enhancement of its LCD modules’ performance.

    These new LCD modules will be showcased in NEC LCD Technologies’ booth #4801 at FPD International 2008, which is being held from October 29 to 31 in Pacifico Yokohama, Japan.