Sharp Electronics continues to play a leading role in the industry transition to digital television by showcasing a new 19-inch (18 ½” diagonal) screen class widescreen AQUOS® model, the LC-19D45U LCD TV. Boasting a true 16:9 aspect ratio, 1366 x 768 resolution and a distinctive small footprint, the LC-19D45U delivers a stunning high-definition picture in a screen size that’s perfect for secondary viewing spaces including kitchens, bedrooms and offices.

“Today’s consumers are placing more TVs in rooms outside of the main family room, such as the kitchen, and even the bathroom, but still want to be able to display movies and HDTV programming in their original widescreen format,” said Bruce Tripido, associate vice president, marketing, Entertainment Products Division, Sharp. “With this new widescreen 19-inch TV, we are able to bring that full-screen, high-definition experience to smaller TVs so consumers don’t have to sacrifice viewing quality anywhere in the home.”

As more programming becomes available in the 16:9 format, widescreen TVs enable consumers to view movies and popular TV programming in the original aspect ratio without the appearance of distracting black bars. The LC-19D45U provides a 16:9 viewing experience for smaller TVs, and can expand 4:3 format content to fill the entire screen. The LC-19D45U includes ATSC/NTSC tuners to receive off-air broadcasts as well as a QAM tuner for digital cable programming.*

Design flexibility makes the LC-19D45U a solid choice for a variety of rooms and a carry handle allows easy movement to other locations in the home. A PC input enables consumers to use the screen as both a TV and a PC monitor. Bottom-firing speakers beneath the screen help keep the width of the screen to a minimum. In addition, the stand is detachable, so consumers can either place the TV on a table or mount it to a wall with proper accessories, including the Sharp AN-PSMARM articulating bracket. Wide 176-degree viewing angles allow placement of the TV almost anywhere in any room of the house.

Like all AQUOS TVs, the LC-19D45U features a slim design with a thin bezel and striking piano black finish, making it an attractive, yet understated addition to any decor. The 50,000-hour lamp life gives consumers the peace of mind that they’ll be able to enjoy their TV for many years to come. The high-brightness LCD panel ensures that the TV can be placed near windows, doors or light sources and still display a bright image at any time of day. To help reduce energy costs, the LC-19D45U offers Optical Picture Control (OPC) to automatically adjust the picture to match the brightness of the room.

The LC-19D45U includes an array of performance and convenience features led by an HDMI™ input for single-cable audio/video connection to DVD players, cable boxes and other digital devices. The remote control features a large clock display and a built-in On/Off timer, which can be used as a sleep timer or alarm clock in a bedroom or as a timer for the kitchen. Additional remote control functions include a backlight display for viewing in dim lighting conditions, a magnetic back that can affix to a metal surface such as a refrigerator, and three long-range transmitters, which enable users to control the TV from various spots in a room without pointing the remote at the unit.

Pricing and Availability

  • The LC-19D45U is available now at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $549.99.

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