ASUS ROG´s New Lineup of Innovative Gaming Products Hold the Spotlight at Computex 2008

Taipei, Taiwan, March 28, 2008 – Technology for computing gaming evolves at a tremendously fast pace, so users will constantly require cutting-edge technologies and solutions in order to keep up with the latest in gaming requirements. With this in mind, the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) has produced an exceptional range of gaming products to give gamers the ultimate gaming edge. These advanced gaming hardware are geared for the future, and will be showcased at Computex 2008.

Automobile Conceptualized Graphics Cards for Extreme Gaming
The “Concept Car” Graphics Card
With three RV670PRO GPUs onboard, the ASUS EAH3850 TRINITY/3DHTI/1.5G graphics card is likened to a concept car model; and truly paves the way towards the future of gaming. An astonishing 139% improvement in speeds is achieved when compared to single-GPU solutions; while a MXM module provides upgrade possibilities, and two exclusive extra DVI outputs give users support for extra monitor outputs. It also features a specially designed water cooling solution – ensuring efficient heat dissipation for stable performance. The ASUS EAH3850 TRINITY is also equipped with a world-exclusive large onboard memory size of 1.5GB – designed to provide feature-rich DirectX 10 gaming and the best multimedia playback at ultra-high resolutions and maximum quality settings – earning this graphics card top billing among the ROG.

“Hybrid-Class Car” Styled Matrix Graphics Cards
The leading and intelligent thermal innovation of the ASUS EN9600GT Matrix graphics card draws its inspiration from Hybrid cars of the same namesake. With an innovative combination of the fan and heatsink solutions on one card, the ASUS Matrix innovation targets guaranteed performance with savings in mind. When required, the fan and heatsink will work together for optimum cooling, while the fan is automatically controlled according to the GPU loading – providing users with power savings in the event of lower graphics utilization – much like real Hybrid cars.

The “Workhorse Jeeps” of Graphics Cards
The Glaciator fansink utilizes a powerful and specially designed fan design that are likened to the Jeeps of the automobile industry. Much like the Land Rover or the Hummer, ASUS graphics cards equipped with the Glaciator Fansink effectively dissipates heat away from the graphics card – quickly transferring heat away from the GPU and lowering the temperature. With all this cooling capacity, the Glaciator Fansink maintains a quiet operating level of only 25dB – almost unperceivable in a quiet room; and caters to gamers who require maximum cooling without excessive fan rotation noise.

Racing Car Inspired Designs
The V-Cool Heatsink’s super racing car engine design comprises of two mainstay racing car engine technologies – V-Engine and Intercooler. Combining stylish outlooks with powerful cooling performance, the V-Engine concept of ideally arranged V-fins provide even heat dissipation with a minimum of space required; while the high-density zipper array fin module utilizes the Intercooler technology to maximize the surface area exposed to the air for exceptional heat dissipation. Additionally, three powerful heatpipes are carefully arranged to enable the average temperature on the heatsink to enhance heat transfer effects, and the special material aluminum alloy used is lighter and provides excellent thermal conductivity – all at an ultra-quiet 0dB.

Life-like Audio and Powerful Gaming Performance with ASUS ROG Maximus II Formula
The new ASUS ROG Maximus II Formula series motherboard is equipped with the latest Intel chipset, and supports DDRII memory for exceptional overclocking. It is also able to deliver astoundingly life-like audio through the SupremeFX X-Fi audio card; while the innovative overclocking technology – CPU Level Up, delivers flexible CPU overclocking – even without prior overclocking knowledge. What’s more, the Extreme Engine power design provides stable voltages for exceptional overclocking – making this motherboard the ultimate gamer´s choice, and garners the ROG’s hearty recommendation.

Ultimate Cooling with ASUS Axe Square CPU Cooler
The Axe Square CPU Cooler provides enhanced cooling performances with support for CPU overclocking up to 180W. This exceptional cooler utilizes the Aureate design, and provides optimal cooling while retaining low operating noise. This outstanding cooler gets the ROG’s stamp of approval in providing outstanding cooling for gaming needs.

Enjoy Pure Power with ASUS PSU G-1000HA
With the added power requirements of current components – especially those catered for gaming, a power supply that can deliver uninterrupted, stable and high performance power is paramount. The Intel ATX 12V V2.3 compliant ASUS PSU G-1000HA power supply does all these things with ease. With a 1000 watt high power supply rating with active PFC (PF>0.99), it can deliver environmentally friendly power and is able to support Duo Core and Quad Core CPUs; as well as PCI-Express 2.0. It is also equipped with a 13.5 cm ball-bearing fan with auto thermal acoustics noise control – making for quieter operations. The PSU G-1000HA is also equipped with five dedicated +12V rails for reliable output, and is 80 PLUS certified to provide up to 87% at 230VAC input.

Ultimate Gamer Gear: ASUS ARES Gaming PC
The ARES Gaming PC features massive performance with the best gaming hardware configuration that includes an Intel Core™2 Extreme CPU, support of up to 8GB of fast DDR3 memory, NVIDIA’s Quad SLI / ATI CrossfireX graphic technology and up to 4 Terabyte hard disk for exceptional processing and graphical performance. It also showcases Dual Power™ power modules and liquid cooling for exceptional stability; while the sleek gaming outlook draws upon ancient and modern armor concepts from both Eastern and Western cultures for a uniquely designed upper faceplate. This design also fully encloses and provides protection for the various I/O drives and user interface modules, completing the overall gaming package.

Ultimate Gaming Station
The ASUS G70 utilizes a “Multi Dual-Engine” architecture to answer gamer needs for extreme performance. Comprising of a duplex structure in its major system components that include an Intel Core™2 Duo / Extreme CPU, dual independent Nvidia 8700M GT VGA cards, dual HDD with a combined mass storage capacity up to 640GB and dual thermal fans, the G70 provides high-definition visuals and audio capabilities that sets a new standard in mobile gaming. It also offers special lighting and material designs that enhances the gaming atmosphere; as well as dual screens for display of critical system info and messages for disruption-free gaming. A dual mode touch pad and the gaming-themed keyboard with special key highlights provide easy access to multimedia controls as well as additional hotkeys (including a four-way key) that can be configured for a tailored gaming experience – allowing gamers to truly enjoy the ultimate in gaming.

Also showcased are the G50 and the G71 new gaming series. The laptops, carrying the same G Series design as well as the most advanced nVidia™ GeForce 9700M GT graphic engine with GDDR3 support, are to be available in Q3.

ASUS Achievements for 2007
ASUS saw the year 2007 filled with accolades from across the globe with 2568 awards. It was also ranked in Business Week‘s “InfoTech 100” for the 10th straight year; and named the “Number One in Quality and Services” by the Wall Street Journal Asia.