Pioneer Broadens 2008 Elite KURO Line of Displays with New Signature Series of Monitors

New York 5/7/2008

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today announces the new Signature Series of Elite® KURO monitors tailored specifically for custom installers with a unique set of features for seamless high-end installations. The new Elite KURO monitors join Pioneer’s 2008 line of high-definition televisions and accomplish yet another milestone in Pioneer’s Project KURO initiatives. The end result is an even greater improvement to industry leading black levels accountable for added contrast, deeper colors and the supreme picture quality the KURO name has become synonymous with.

“KURO has set the standard in the industry for best-in-class and we are raising the bar again with the introduction of our new Signature Series of Elite KURO monitors,” said Russ Johnston, executive vice president of marketing and product planning, home entertainment business solutions group, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “We identified a core need in the custom installation market to deliver unmatched KURO performance to a unique subset of discerning entertainment purists with a passion for entertainment. Our Elite monitors are hand-selected to ensure the most pristine picture and premium performance associated with the KURO name and our Pioneer brand.”

Signature Series of Elite KURO Monitors

According to a recent Parks Associates study, the custom installation market is expected to grow to 226,000 installations by 2012 – an increase of 60% within five years – with more than $23,000 spent on average per installation. Pioneer is answering a need in the custom-installation market and has designed the monitors to be adaptable and highly flexible in the ability to control, calibrate and configure each display to the exclusive tastes and specific home environment of each discerning client

While Pioneer has long boasted some of the most rigorous inspection standards for reliability and performance in the industry, Pioneer’s Signature Series of Elite KURO plasma monitors exceed an even stricter examination process. Many parts of the Elite monitors are hand selected and hand assembled, making the monitor even more unique and distinct in its own right. This meticulous attention to detail is further reinforced by an accompanying certificate confirming the superior level of panel performance and near flawless aesthetics for every serial number created in this exclusive line of monitors.

Pioneer’s Elite KURO Televisions

In addition to the Signature Series of Elite KURO monitors, Pioneer is introducing two Elite KURO high-definition flat panel televisions that upgrade current and new home theaters with industry-leading picture customization features that ensure pristine picture performance of films, sports and primetime shows. Employing an enhanced “Optimum mode” feature, the new displays will seamlessly examine the sound, picture and room light conditions at the same time and adjust the audio and video settings by the slightest variation to deliver a near flawless viewing experience based each type of programming.

Designed for entertainment connoisseurs, the new televisions offer industry-leading calibration features as well as allow users to switch between six picture and sound pre-set modes. The new televisions complete the high end entertainment with Pioneer’s exclusive Home Media Gallery home networking functionality that allows users to view digital music, images and even directly stream Internet videos from a home PC. to read more